15.February 2021

ClickVS 4

ClickVS is an incredibly simple auto clicker that uses my framework xhfr. It is the 4. iteration(and the first public one). It mainly serves as an exercise to explore the limits of styling Dear ImGui. It renders the UI into another framebuffer in order to apply glow effects using glsl. It runs on Windows AND Linuxsomething went wrong with this image


  • Stylish
  • Lightweight executable (no install, only 1MB big)
  • Press the middle mouse button in order to activate the auto clicker
  • Released as public domain, do whatever you want with it


ClickVS comes in 2 versions, packed and unpacked. The packed version may be picked up by virus scanners as false positive. If in Doubt, try the packed versions first.

You can help me improving Click VS by reporting bugs or requesting features. If you have further remarks / ideas please contact me (via xhighway999@protonmail.com) or leave a comment.

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